Hi Tech Coatings



Hi-Tech Coatings

Australian supplier of hi-tech, high-performance products and systems to the protective coatings industry.

Recreational Applications

Hi-Tech Coatings are perfect for your RV, Caravan, Camper Van, Motorhome or Boat. It seals and protects to insulate and prevent leaks.

We have the products to prolong the life of your recreational vehicle and protect your investment.

It is so important that your recreational vehicle is 100% watertight, because by the time you see the leak, costly damage could already have occurred.

Our protective coating system can be applied by our team or by yourself with a DIY kit.

Our products are extremely flexible and won’t crack. It is ideal for recreational vehicles.

Our coating products offer extreme durability

Our products offer a Higher UV protection

The products are Hydrophobic meaning they can be suspended under water. 

Our products have a very quick curing time making it an efficient option. 

Insulate - Waterproof - Protect

Recreational vehicles including Caravans, RV’s and Motorhomes suffer from exactly the same heat buildup and dissipation problems that Residential buildings do. This results in large cooling and heating costs.

Substantial cost savings can be achieved by using our coating system which has the added advantage of providing a waterproof coating to the vehicle.