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Epoxy Cleaning and Care Instructions

Your new Hi-Tech Coatings Epoxy floor or surface for your home is hard-wearing, easy to clean, and generally does not require any special ongoing maintenance. However, in order to keep your surface looking new, you should follow an easy-to-maintain cleaning regime. This will reduce ongoing wear and tear on your surface.

Just after installation

While your Hi-Tech Coatings epoxy system is extremely durable it must be allowed to cure fully prior to being walked or driven on in order to prevent damage. Your surface curing time will depend on the chosen system and you should consult directly with your applicator for this information.

Regular Routine Care

The extent and frequency of all routine maintenance will depend on many factors, including the type and amount of activity being performed. Routine maintenance can include sweeping, mopping or hosing the surface depending on its location and accessibility.


Sweeping your surface is an integral part of routine maintenance. Surface dirt and loose debris are unsightly and extremely abrasive. It should be removed effectively and regularly using:

  • Brooms, brushes, and vacuums for smaller areas.
  • Microfibre mops for dust on smooth finishes.

** Care should be taken when using stiff bristle brooms or brushes on high-gloss surfaces.

Do not use abrasive or corrosive cleaners as they can cause discolouration or damage to your surface. On highgloss surfaces, try to avoid using hard-bristled brooms and brushes as these may scratch the surface of the coating.

General Cleaning

Cleaning your surface is important to maintain its visual appeal and remove surface contaminants that can be very abrasive. Cleaning can be completed by using a microfibre mop, floor mop, or hose and brush/broom. A pH neutral cleaner should be utilised
in combination with water and the above agitation methods. Ensure you follow all listed directions on your chosen cleaning product. For textured surfaces, a stiff broom may be used.

Spills and Stains

While your epoxy surface is resistant to staining and discolouration, all spills and other chemical contaminants should be cleaned from the surface as soon as reasonably possible. This will reduce the possibility of staining, as prolonged or extended exposure to some chemicals may result in staining of your surface, especially those that are acidic or corrosive.
Staining is only aesthetic and does not affect the mechanical properties of the surface.

Surface Scratching and Polishing

Scratches or scuffs on your surface may appear as part of general wear and tear. You can minimise the appearance of these and help reduce further scratching by utilising a floor polish. After cleaning your surface, you may utilise a floor polish. It is advised to apply one or more coats to further protect against scratching.

Hi Gloss Surface Tips

High Gloss surfaces such as Metallic Marble, Plain Epoxy or Diamond Finish Ultra Flake or Hyper Flake are especially susceptible to scuffing and scratching due to their gloss appearance and the abrasiveness of floor grit and dirt. 
It is not recommended to move heavy furniture without mechanical assistance and rubber or felt furniture feet should be used on all furniture where it intends to be moveable, such as dining room chairs and stools.

Following these simple tips will help make sure your surface stays looking new for many years to come.